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Sculptures Incorporating Glass


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Dichroic Fused Glassworks

Ancient civilizations created beautiful artistic glass objects for personal adornment, decoration, and practical use nearly 4000years ago. Here in Israel we have unearthed treasure troves of magnificent Roman and Egyptian glass, and nearby Phonicia was reknown as the worlds' glassmaking center. I have always had a "love affair" with glass, and have been mesmerized by the play of light through its' surface. Thanks to research by NASA, a by product of new technology has given us Dichroic Glass, meaning two colored glass. This new type of glass transmits light in one wavelength, and reflects lights in two other wavelengths. The sheets of glass are coated with microscopic metallic particles which are then electronically excited in a vacuum chamber to create a delicate coating on the glass. Each piece of glasswork is hand cut and shaped from large sheets. Small pieces are arranged, glued and then fused together in a kiln, at various temperatures, depending on the desired outcome, texture and coloring. Sometimes Sterling Silver implants are added, or the glass is slumped over forms , for example with Mezzuzah casings. My repertoire of pieces is expanding rapidly - Glass Pictures, Glass Medallic Art, Window Jewelry, Pendants, Bracelets, Rings, Brooches,and Earrings. Especially beautiful pieces of fused glass are set in Sterling Silver, that must be custom formed to fit the assymetrical shape of the glass. Each piece is unique, one of a kind. I try to make similar looking pieces, but they will always be just a little bit different. I especially love the Window Jewlery - small tile -like mini pictures in reflective fused glass that are affixed to a window, mirror or any smooth surface with invisible VHB (Very Hard Bonding) double sided tape. As the Dichroic colors change depending on the time of day, one has a constantly changing picture.
On a larger, more sculptural scale I am experimenting with combining larger fused glass elements with cast bronze, and other metal and ceramic elements. Thinking Red Thoughts, and Family Pressure are examples of this.

Elana Cohn - A Touch of  Glass - Jewelry Jewelry
Here you can find various Jewelry works of Elana Cohn, many pieces of many styles.


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Elana Cohn - A Touch of  Glass - Medalic Art Medalic Art
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